Before you start calling your friendly local recruitment agency, or priming your sourcing ninjas, make sure you haven’t missed these crucial advertising steps…

Extend your reach

(Most) Job advertising is inexpensive, quick and easy. It is also super effective when it’s done properly and you have active candidates available in the market.

The biggest mistakes that advertisers tend to make are that they don’t advertise far and wide and only end up on one or two of their old favourite job boards. The wider you advertise the more likely you are to reach the right applicant.

Where performance advertising comes in

Historically this would have been expensive; you would have been paying for the advertising

itself, rather than the response to it i.e. performance advertising, so the more places you advertise the more it costs.

Thanks to performance advertising, it costs the same amount of money to advertise on one job board as it does to advertise on many, so you gain greater reach without any additional cost. Just make sure you have some smart tech to manage it. (Luckily at ClickIQ we have a tool for precisely that and it’s not very expensive).

This doesn’t mean that you need to be everywhere, as the average job seeker looks at between 8 and 12 job boards, so you can back away from your really expensive super niche job boards. The same people are also looking on Indeed for a lot less.

However, even when you have done your advertising well and you have distributed your carefully crafted ads far and wide across the job board network, sometimes you still don’t hire.

Making use of display advertising

If there are no or very few active candidates in the market, then rather than wait to not hire before going defcon 1 on the budget by actively sourcing, there is an intermediate step you should try first.

It’s called display advertising and it targets passive candidates.

The two main places to advertise are Google and Facebook – both allow you to target by job title, location and pretty much everything else you can think of, helping you to put your job adverts in front of the most relevant candidates.

The good news is that it can be completely automated so you don’t need to engage an ad agency every time you need to create a campaign (which still of course have their place).

Converting potential applicants

However, you do need a way of converting these candidates to becoming applicants, as passive candidates often don’t have an up-to-date CV to hand and are hardly ever application-ready. They want to find out more before they commit.

Their attention needs to be turned into interest, desire and action.

The tools needed to convert these candidates to becoming applicants is a chatbot and a great website.

Sure, as with all things it may not always work, but the advantages are:

  • Lower cost (think £50-£200 per hire).
  • Low risk (if no one clicks on your ads, you don’t pay anything).
  • It’s quick; our platform can immediately see if response rates are low and can automatically allocate budget within a day or two, rather than wait for the end of the campaign.

Finally, if all else fails, there are some brilliant sourcers out there who will be able to help!