This week sees our co-founder Richard join recruitment marketing and employer brand consultant, Matt Alder, on his podcast about the future of job advertising – and what to do when job boards don’t deliver all the applications you need.

Harnessing the power of Google

In keeping with the job board theme, ClickIQ recently brought on The Maria Mallaband Care Group as a client; our system automatically created 1,100 GoogleAds from the job feed directly from their ATS, targeting keywords around job title and location.

Not only is ClickIQ’s automated job advertising platform optimising Maria Mallaband’s Indeed and job board spend to make sure budget goes to the right jobs, but uniquely we’re also able to use Google Search and Display network to target candidates, where there isn’t enough volume.

And if that still doesn’t deliver?

If all of that still doesn’t deliver and your jobs need more from us, ClickIQ will automatically generate Facebook campaigns for the relevant jobs with an integrated chatbot!

Not bad for £299 per month plus any media costs.

If your interest has been well and truly peaked, don’t miss the full podcast, where Richard and Matt discuss how to make job advertising work in search engines and social media:

During the show Matt and Richard also discuss:

  • Why the shift in this marketing is suddenly accelerating
  • What happens when job boards don’t deliver
  • How are Google and Facebook developing their recruitment advertising offerings
  • Converting more passive job seekers
  • The role of Chatbots
  • Which metrics do you optimise against?