Bill Boorman and Alan Walker discuss the future of recruitment. What the more recent changes in the media landscape mean to recruiters; the key channels for the next few years; how recruitment needs to change; and how to build a talent technology stack in different types of organisations.

In this conversation with Bill we discussed:

  • What the changes within the recruitment media landscape, and the entrance of Google and Facebook into the market, means to the industry.
  • What the key recruitment channels will be over the next few years.
  • The role of performance media in the future, and how paying for hard results (rather than just clicks) will become the norm.
  • The evolution of the talent acquisition function, and how hiring and learning will become more closely integrated.
  • The elements of talent acquisition that will be automated, and how we can make sure automation improves the recruitment process.
  • Where should an organisation start when building out their talent technology stack, and how to join it up.
  • The core set of technology tools that a new recruitment team should have in their locker.
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