Caroline Evans and Alan Walker discuss how some of the techniques used in consumer marketing can be equally successful in recruitment marketing – and why those two things are so similar.

In this conversation with Caroline we talked about:

  • How the techniques used in non-recruitment B2C marketing can be used in recruitment marketing.
  • Personas – what they are, and how they are used to inform a B2C marketing strategy.
  • How personas can be used in recruitment marketing.
  • How to start building out personas, and techniques used to define them.
  • The number of digital touch-points it takes to convert a customer, and how retargeting is an essential part of a marketing strategy.
  • The challenges around attributing the source of leads, and the relationships between channels.
  • How “offline” (i.e. non-traditional digital) can be an effective addition to digital marketing channels.
  • The importance of tracking every stage of the customer journey.
  • Automation, and how it complements the art of marketing.
  • How personalisation is key to brand differentiation.
  • Measuring the success of marketing in a B2C environment, and KPI’s that can be used.
  • Building brand awareness, its importance, and checking whether people understand it.
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