Chris Stewart and Alan Walker discuss content, career sites and social media – and how they all play a part in a highly effective recruitment marketing strategy.

In this conversation with Chris we discussed:

  • Where recruitment teams should start, when starting to produce content.
  • Why creating content doesn’t need to be difficult, or expensive.
  • The power of video content, as the medium of choice when trying to drive engagement with graduates.
  • How you find out which type of content will work for your audience.
  • Which channels are most effective for distributing content.
  • Whether tailoring content for particular channels is important.
  • If SnapChat is an effective recruitment channel.
  • How to build an award-winning career site, and how long it takes, and which functions to partner with.
  • Turning employees into brand ambassadors (and keeping them there).
  • Social media as a recruitment tool, it’s effectiveness for specific campaigns and how to use it to attract talent.
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