Chris Wray and Alan Walker talk about why you should automate your recruitment process, and what this means for recruiters and candidates. They discussed Google for Jobs, recruitment automation, ChatBots, the challenges Chris is tackling at Sainsbury’s, and the power of user-generated content.

In this conversation with Chris we discussed:

  • What employers need to do to do to leverage Google for Jobs, and the risk of not doing so.
  • How taking admin away from recruiters – through automation – will free them up to have better conversations.
  • Which parts of the process we can automate – without negatively impacting the candidate experience.
  • That automating assessments in a high volume hiring environment can move a candidate from application through to hiring manager without any recruiter intervention.
  • Why automation can supercharge recruitment marketing, and how smart technology can manage budgets.
  • The importance of understanding candidates, before targeting them with marketing content.
  • How sourcing & nurturing passive candidates needs to involve personalised content, across multiple touch-points.
  • How ChatBots can provide an “always on” candidate engagement channel – and how they drive higher levels of conversion.
  • The importance of a ChatBot reflecting your brand.
  • The challenges a recruitment leader in a large retail business faces, and how he’s tackling them.
  • How user-created content can create far more authentic messaging, and bring an organisation’s culture to life.
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