Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us…

…ClickIQ turns 2 years old today!

2 years ago, on May the 4th, we launched the beta version of ClickIQ:

When Beverly and I first conceived the idea we never expected to be doing so much, so quickly, yet still feel like we are only just getting started.

We now work with many of the biggest employers and brands in the world, across multiple countries and are now managing 500,000 campaigns a month for over 200 organisations.

Our tech has moved on huge amounts, with even more really clever developments to come:

We have worked hard to help inhouse recruiters and TA get to grips with the huge shifts in the recruitment media landscape; the continued success of Indeed, shift to pay-per-click, launch of Google for Jobs and Facebook Jobs to name a few.

Throughout, we have tried to keep our focus on helping clients get the best return from their investment in recruitment advertising by using the latest tech to automate the management and optimisation of their job ads.

We couldn’t do any of this without our CTO Iain Hamilton and his talented software development team up in Aberdeen. As the newest and most advanced platform available in the sector, our tech team ensure that ClickIQ is always on the cutting edge.

Our job advertising platform was the first to fully automate the distribution of job ads on Facebook, Instagram and GoogleAds and we are proud to be able to automate the entire process at a job level and help recruiters to reach passive job seekers at the very start of the job search. The system is designed to save recruiters time by automatically allocating the right budget to each and every job depending on hard it is to fill, with our integrated chatbot technology significantly improving the candidate experience, conversion levels and subsequent ROI.

We’ve opened a US Office

As we are already working with several major US companies, we decided to leverage our technology advantage and launch ClickIQ in the US – no mean feat! Earlier this year, we were delighted to welcome the multi-talented Jim Stroud to the new US branch of ClickIQ as VP, Product Evangelist. His years of expertise within the recruitment industry have certainly ensured we hit the ground running!

We are confident that Jim will continue to help us further our impressive journey, as we continue to grow internationally, as well as putting his own unique stamp on aspects of the business, in true Jim style!

We’ve won several industry awards

It’s always fantastic to be recognised for our ground-breaking technology, as well as the hard work and long hours put in by our dedicated team. In the past year, we’re proud to have won and been finalists for a number of prestigious awards.

It’s not always been easy.

But we have a brilliant and highly committed team, with extremely supportive shareholders.

Our ClickIQ Academy has continued to grow

From the increasingly-popular ‘In Conversation With’ webinars, to the more recent addition of easily-accessible podcasts, the ClickIQ Academy has seen even more engagement this year. We couldn’t do this without the support of our good friend Alan Walker, whose expertise and commitment to the production of quality Academy content has ensured its growth from strength to strength.

Looking ahead

As much as we enjoy looking back at our past achievements, we like to think ClickIQ is very much a company of the future – which is why we have all sorts of exciting projects in the pipeline and big things planned for all areas of the business in the year ahead!

Thank you to everyone who has made this possible. From our industry friends and clients (our greatest advocates), to our media and marketing partners – we truly couldn’t have done it without you all.


About ClickIQ:

ClickIQ’s automated job advertising platform manages, tracks and optimises the performance of your recruitment advertising in real time, focusing spend where it’s needed most to reach both active and passive job seekers across Indeed, Google, Facebook and an extensive network of job boards.

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