Nothing grabs a headline quite like Robots taking over and making everyone’s job redundant.

However, I don’t believe it. Which may sound odd coming from the founder of an HR tech company who has built a business around automation, Chatbots and AI/Machine Learning.

The Tony Stark model of recruiting is I think a better one, Iron Man beats the terminator.

If we can use tech to enhance our TA people then we will be more successful than if we try and replace them.

We should automate all the processes that don’t add value, so that our recruiters can focus on those that really do. And if you look at the recruitment funnel, it’s the last mile that ultimately counts.

Recruiters should be brand ambassadors, persuading the best talent to join their organisations. It’s easy to say no to a robot, but not so easy to a human being who you have established a relationship with and who understands your motivations.

Here at ClickIQ, we believe that when you are building your tech stack, automation is fundamental to competitive success, and a quick and easy win is to start at the top of the funnel and automate the management and optimisation of your Job advertising. Even better it doesn’t cost very much, in fact the improvement in performance (typically 40%-70%) will more than pay for it within days.

The ultimate benefit is that you will free up your recruiter’s time to focus on the important stuff that matters most and makes us all uniquely human, helping convert the best applicants into great hires.

About ClickIQ:

ClickIQ’s automated job advertising platform manages, tracks and optimises the performance of your recruitment advertising in real time, focusing spend where it’s needed most to reach both active and passive job seekers across Indeed, Google, Facebook and an extensive network of job boards.

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