Emma Neary and Alan Walker talk direct sourcing, and how candidate experience plays a big part in this. They discussed what an organisation needs to do to move towards a direct sourcing model, the important things to be mindful of, and some of the quick wins that can accelerate this approach.

In this conversation with Emma we discussed:

The key things that need to change to move towards a direct sourcing model.

How to move a recruiter from being an order taker to being a business partner.

The essential elements of taking a recruitment brief, and the need to ask “why?”

How taking a brief improves the ability for a recruiter to support candidates through the recruitment process.

What a recruitment team can do to be seen as strategically important.

How infusing a recruitment culture throughout an organisation, can deliver better results.

Things we can do to improve the candidate experience.

The role of technology, and how it can support a direct sourcing strategy.

What technology can do better than humans.

The importance of the recruitment process moving quickly, and the bottlenecks to work on.

How an organisation can market their opportunities more effectively.

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