In this episode, Alan Walker speaks with Gary Manning of Touch Surgery about life as a recruiter in a fast-growing startup, some of the challenges and his advice as to how to overcome them. 

In this conversation with Gary, we hear about…

  • Gary’s time with King and his new role with Touch Surgery
  • The unique challenges startups face, and how adjusting to startup life can be a challenging experience
  • Why knowing who you are, your values and communicating your purpose is key to attracting people when competition for talent is so high
  • Why the role of a TA person is much broader than just recruitment in a startup
  • The importance of delivering a positive candidate experience – think fast & slick
  • How treating each piece of recruitment as a project (with a process) is key to consistently good hiring outcomes
  • Why kick-offs (think job briefings) and wash-ups are essential – with the latter creating great data for providing feedback, and for developing onboarding and learning plans
  • How to handle pushback from hiring managers, and why it’s important to get them to stick to a process
  • That when you’re the first person in a new TA team, it’s important to go in with your eyes open. Network, attend events, spend time with peers.
Gary's Contributor Profile