Anchor Trust are the UK’s largest social care home provider with approximately 10,000 staff and a £400million turnover.

They recruit a range of roles, but many are extremely hard to fill, highly competitive care assistant roles.

Given the competitive market that Anchor work in, they have succeeded by being at the forefront of the recruitment industry. They were one of the first to use chatbots and passive candidate targeting. They are also sophisticated in their use of tracking and data.

By plugging into ClickIQ and automating the management and optimisation of their advertising, Anchor have seen a 70% improvement in the performance of their recruitment advertising.

So, how has ClickIQ helped Anchor to achieve this….

  1. ClickIQ automatically only spends budget on the jobs that need it.
  2. By advertising over a large network of job boards, Anchor have expanded their reach to more applicants.
  3. Job level optimisation means they only spend exactly what the job needs to achieve the best performance.
  4. By making the most of organic advertising they are able to receive a large number of applications for free.
  5. Programmatic buying means bias is removed and is based purely on the results/analytics. This means their roles are only advertised on the boards that are the best performing.
  6. By having real-time data from all media displayed in one, easy to use place it makes decision making faster and easier.

Many clients are surprised to find that unlike a lot of sophisticated technology, this is not an expensive solution.

ClickIQ costs £299 per month, for a single client single country license and can be implemented without the need for any costly or time consuming integrations.

About ClickIQ

ClickIQ is an Automated Talent Attraction Platform which uses AI and Programmatic technology to intelligently manage and optimise your recruitment advertising in real time, across an extensive network of performance based recruitment media.

Saving recruiters significant time and money whilst also increasing their advertising reach.

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