Hung Lee and Alan Walker discuss how building a personal brand can help with both short-term goals and long-term career aspirations, and how growing a community needs the right approach – but the benefits can be amazing.

In this conversation with Hung we discussed:

  • The importance of building a personal brand in the recruitment space.
  • What a recruiter can do to build their personal brand.
  • What collaboration and partnerships can be the key to success.
  • How being present and active online can accelerate relationships.
  • What a talent acquisition leader can do to position themselves as influencers or thought leaders.
  • What triggered the idea behind Recruiting Brainfood, and the benefits Hung has seen from developing his personal brand.
  • How recruiters can build and leverage communities.
  • Why members must “self-identify” to be truly part of the community.
  • What community members expect, and how to encourage engagement.
  • The benefits of building communities for recruiters, when they should consider doing so, and the ROI.
  • Why supporting existing communities, rather than building your own, can be beneficial.
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