Hung Lee and Alan Walker discuss how building a personal brand can help with both short-term goals and long-term career aspirations, and how growing a community needs the right approach – but the benefits can be amazing.

In this conversation with Hung we discussed:

The importance of building a personal brand in the recruitment space.

What a recruiter can do to build their personal brand.

What collaboration and partnerships can be the key to success.

How being present and active online can accelerate relationships.

What a talent acquisition leader can do to position themselves as influencers or thought leaders.

What triggered the idea behind Recruiting Brainfood, and the benefits Hung has seen from developing his personal brand.

How recruiters can build and leverage communities.

Why members must “self-identify” to be truly part of the community.

What community members expect, and how to encourage engagement.

The benefits of building communities for recruiters, when they should consider doing so, and the ROI.

Why supporting existing communities, rather than building your own, can be beneficial.

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