You probably don’t know this but I am a qualified athletics coach.

One of the most important things about setting a PB is about even paced running. Set off too hard or too slow – chances are, your times will suffer.

Recruitment advertising is the same.

It’s the Goldilocks effect; you don’t want too many applications or too few. It needs to be just right.

Unlike traditional credit-based duration advertising, where it is either on or off, with pay-per-click advertising, you can turn it up or down depending on the level of response that you are after.

This is where machine learning can help.

Whilst algorithms manage bid levels and spend and then track response levels in real time, machine learning determines the best pace to start off at to achieve your goals.

Not only that, it also means in a world where speed of hire is so important, you will get there faster. No guessing where to start.