In this episode, Alan Walker speaks with Jim Stroud of ClickIQ on a whole heap of stuff – the majority of it related to hiring, much of it about AI, some of it about his shoes (or lack of).

We heard:

Why he sheds his shoes when presenting (think Die Hard)

How Bank of America increasing their minimum wage may have some unintended consequences

What IBM’s ability to predict whether someone is leaving – via AI – means for employees

Whether AI can be truly unbiased, and if it can be more or less human than humans

How a restaurant chain accidentally discriminated against certain communities

Why New York State barring marijuana testing is as much about a talent shortage as it is about relaxing drug laws

Don’t miss Jim at Indeed Interactive 2019:

Jim will be speaking at the hugely popular Indeed Interactive this year, held in Austin, Texas. He’ll be talking about a range of key recruitment topics, including:

  • What today’s hiring managers are looking for in candidates
  • His key advice for today’s job seeker
  • How to stand out among all the competition
  • What jobseekers can do to highlight their skills on a resume/profile

Find out more about Indeed Interactive

Jim Stroud’s Contributor Profile

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