Katrina Collier and Alan Walker discussing everything from technology through employer brand – but centred on the need for both recruiters and hiring organisations to be more human and authentic, and for them to put candidate experience at the heart of everything they do.

In this conversation with Katrina we discussed:

  • How recruiters who use technology to spam will eventually be replaced by technology.
  • What a recruiter can do to position themselves as a recruiter who is worth talking to.
  • Why most recruiters are “too corporate” and need to be more relaxed, personable and approachable.
  • The techniques a recruiter can use to make themselves stand out.
  • How a company can check that their online presence represents them accurately.
  • Why authenticity is important, for organisations and recruiters.
  • How being unique in your approach to candidates is essential, in a market where there is a candidate shortage.
  • How technology can help with personalisation at scale.
  • The importance of getting candidate experience right, and the things we can do to improve.
  • Whether matching tools are an effective tool, whilst we’re still reliant on peoples ability to write a CV/resume.
  • Why recruiters really shouldn’t be ghosting candidates.
  • What hiring manager training can do to improve recruiting performance.
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