Morgan Lobb and Alan Walker talk all things diversity and inclusion. Why it’s important, what organisations need to do to make themselves more inclusive, and the steps they can take to hire more diverse talent.

In this conversation with Morgan we talked about:

  • The difference between the terms diversity and inclusion, what they each bring to the table and how we need to get both right.
  • How an organisation can identify whether they have an issue around diversity or inclusion.
  • The known benefits of diversity and inclusion, and the research that backs it up.
  • Steps an organisation should take first, to make themselves ready for diverse talent to enter their workforce.
  • How an organisation can tackle bias (unconscious and affinity).
  • What a hiring team should do to attract & hire more diverse talent.
  • Where an organisation with low levels of diversity currently can demonstrate their commitment to inclusion in the future.
  • Changes that need to be made to the recruitment process to make it more accessible & inclusive, so the best person is hired.
  • Do blind applications (no names) work?
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