#RecFest19’s celebration of recruitment was an incredible experience for those that were involved.

We sponsored the Live Lounge, where Alan Walker interviewed a diverse selection of TA leaders, influencers and speakers – for a 6 hour live stream marathon!

We’ve picked the best of these to feature on the ClickIQ Academy and next up is Jennifer Candee – Global Head of Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand for Mondelez International.

In this informal chat, they discussed:

  • How they did a terribly un-cool high-five at RecFest2018
  • The challenges she’s tackling at Mondelez
  • What they’ve focused on for their launch of an “EBP” – Employer Brand Proposition
  • What’s changed since her interview with Alan last year
  • How Mondelez’s restructure has impacted their TA teams
  • Other projects that her team is working on and the importance of strong change management
  • Her answer to the random question “What’s the worst experience you’ve had in a hotel?”
Jennifer's Contributor Profile