Tom Baker and Alan Walker talk about where an organisation should start with their employer brand strategy.

How to bring it to life; which colleagues to partner with; measuring the effectiveness of your employer brand strategy – and the importance of purpose.

In this interview, we learnt:-

  • Where an organisation needs to start with their employer brand strategy
  • The role of the employee value proposition (EVP) in employer brand
  • How an organisation defines their EVP
  • The importance of tailoring your EVP, for particular talent segments
  • How to activate your employer brand and the channels to use
  • Why perfection isn’t necessary from day one and your brand can be built on
  • Which colleagues recruitment teams need to collaborate with, to ensure the success of their employer brand
  • What organisations can do about the stuff that is hard to control (Glassdoor etc)
  • How organisations can turn their employees into advocates
  • The basic requirements of a career site, and how to deal with a legacy applicant tracking system
  • Which measures should a recruitment team put in place to measure the effectiveness of their employer brand
  • Using ChatBots as a tool to convert potential candidates into applicants
  • How corporate brand links to employer brand
  • The importance of purpose in employer branding
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