So, Facebook recently announced that it’s merging Instant Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram Messenger.

But what does this mean to recruiters?

On the surface very little – I mean who uses any of the above anyway, a few black-belt ninja sourcers, perhaps?

Actually, I think it represents a massive opportunity and answers a huge problem.


What response rate did you last get to your email approach, or LinkedIn InMail?

Well, Instant Messenger is the comms method of choice; there is little spam and people respond (for now anyway).

There are huge advantages:

These conversations can start on mobiles but move across devices to wherever candidates choose to have them, whether that’s at the end of a shift, at home, on the bus, etc.

But how do you get people’s attention?

Don’t be that creepy stalker sending messages to randoms – privacy laws will soon put a stop to that. Either that or wait for the new personal chatbots to filter them out.

Instead, put the power into the hands of the applicants.

Winning over applicants:

1. Gain their interest through well-targeted ads – use automated job advertising platforms like ClickIQ to manage this.

2. Generate interest through an initial chatbot conversation

3. Convert that initial desire into the action of applying or registering their interest.

4. Let the chatbot arrange a time to book in an interview with an actual human, or pass over to a human recruiter if they want to have a telephone call.

Chatbots are the future of sourcing because:

  • They put the power into the hands of candidates and allow relevant applicants to ask the questions they really want to know – but are too embarrassed to ask.
  • They allow people to apply in their own time on a device of their choosing.
  • They do the heavy lifting. Then us humans can add value and help them over the last hurdle, to join our organisations.